Hi, I’m Caroline


I believe the best images tell a story and focus less on showcasing the fancy tricks and snazzy equipment and more on you, your family and your celebration. 

I'm happy to guide and around when needed but I'm also happy to let it all play out. For I think the best weddings and celebrations and even the best portraits happen to be the ones that you do your way. 

It's not an easy thing to have a camera pointed toward you, but I know how much our own wedding photos mean to us and I would love to help you treasure those memories. I'm forever grateful for all the trust I am given and so very lucky for all the opportunities photography has given me.

I've honestly never wanted to be anything else.

After finishing school I enrolled in a photography course while saving money to go travelling, and it was while here that I met my husband - and a destination for adventure in his home country of Canada.

I started my photography career while in Toronto, working for a few people I admired and picking up as much technical knowledge as I could.

I fell in love with the whole idea of photographing weddings and the multicultural Toronto provided so many different traditions and celebrations to learn about. I'm still fascinated.

I was lucky enough to marry Nikhil twice (in two very different ceremonies) and in 2013 after missing the beach (and the coffee!) we moved home to Melbourne.